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Android studio Arctic Fox Splash Screen

In simple terms, it is a declarative way of building interfaces and specifically on Android, we do not need to use fragments but rather, our interfaces are functions known as composables. …

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  1. Kotlin Bootcamp for programmers: This course is a course by some Udacity instructors and some of them being Google engineers on the…

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implementation ''

Steps to Create the date picker when the button is clicked

  1. Create a MaterialDatePicker Builder and set the title
  2. Use the Builder object to create the date picker
  3. show date picker
buttonPickDate.setOnClickListener {

// Create the date picker builder and set the…

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I broke the Limit and built an app in a day

Ngenge Senior

Mobile app developer. Co-founder @ Njaka.Previously Android/UX developer mentor @ Udacity.#JetpackCompose #SwiftUI

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