Reach Your Goals by Failing

Ngenge Senior
4 min readOct 31, 2023
Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

This might not be one of the most suitable titles for this post but we will go for it anyways. It comes from my own experience specifically with academics.

I started primary school not being even an average student when it came to class performance and I even repeated “Class One” because of poor performance but after reaching primary three, somehow I became a bright student and picked up really quickly with spellings and that is when my success with academics started. I was always top of the class my whole time from primary three to primary 5 in Government Primary School, Binshua, Donga Mantung Cameroon and I even remember a particular term maybe in primary five when I was the only person who passed(not that I was stingy with answers, maybe my peers didn’t know how to steal answers 😅). Though I attended primary six in a primary school with other tough guys at Good Foundation Primary Foumbot, I still used to come in third or fourth in class and that was still a lot. Fast forward after entering secondary school, I continued toping the class all through my secondary school years. I groomed myself to succeed academically and of course, it had its repercussions.

I got so used to succeeding academically that I was scared of failing and failure changed my whole perspective. I had my first major failure when I applied to study software engineering at the Faculty of Engineering…